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The job market is undergoing a profound Afghanistan Phone Number  transformation strongly influenced by Digital Innovation. Therefore, the role of the HR Department has also changed, which from a simple personnel office becomes one of the focal points that guides the Digital Transformation of companies with innovative projects and the rethinking Afghanistan Phone Number  of models and workspace. In fact, digital has now become an integral part of many HR transformation projects: in 2016 , 61% of Italian organizations had a budget dedicated to new digital initiatives in the field of human resources and for 58% the allocation was higher than that in 2015, with an average incidence of 15% on the overall budget of the HR Department. In particular, the initiatives concern the performance evaluation processes (expected in 53% of cases), training (51%) and the search and selection of personnel (51%).

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These are some of the main results that Afghanistan Phone Number emerged from the research carried out by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Politico id Milan , “HR Business Enabler: data, technologies, and skills to enhance human capital”, which involved the Managers of Human Resources and the Managers of HR area through case studies and two surveys, “Training and Digital Learning” and “Scenario, skills and HR Big Afghanistan Phone Number  Data Analytics”, to which 70 and 114 companies responded respectively.”In recent years, the HR Departments have changed their skin: from an ivory tower of specialization. They have approached the lines of business, they have learned to be reactive, to speak the language of business. To respond to the changing needs of the lines and their customers. interiors – affirms Fellatio Respire, Director of the Observatory -. Today, however, this is no longer enough.

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Instead of waiting for the business to manifest needs. Today the HR Department must be able to make an assessment of what are digital. Innovative Afghanistan Phone Number skills and design a development plan. In 2016, according to the research, the company functions that most need to introduce new digital roles. Skills are Information Systems (78%), Marketing and Customer Care (63%), Organization and Human Resources (38%) and Sales (38%). The need for roles with digital skills to support the Innovation, Research and Development processes is also growing (66%).

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