How to promote a fiction book on Facebook Ads: tutorial

This is a guest post by emma colt . After that,  As a result of a newsletter in which I talked about how to promote fiction books and said that she had not had good results using facebook ads. She replied that instead she had. Since I don’t lose stitches without thread. I encouraged her to tell us how and here she is. With hair and traces. Ladies and gentlemen.  facebook ads:
Online Egypt Phone Numbers  advertising for independent authors: why I think it’s worth it and how I prepared my last facebook ads campaign
In the anglo-saxon market of independent publishing. After that,  It has been common for some years now to use ads on facebook (and instagram) and amazon to promote books that authors self-publish. In the spanish market. On the other hand. I don’t think it is so widespread. Moreover. I have the feeling that. In general. They generate a lot of suspicion.

Emma colt and her superpost on

Three years ago. After that,  For a variety of reasons. I decided to try my luck in the world of self-publishing romance books.
In my beginnings I did a lot of things wrong:
• pretend to succeed with the first book (or the second. It goes). Done.
• make the covers myself. After that,  Done.
• to think that romance books would be easy to write. After that,  Done.
• pretend to cover fifty thousand social networks to promote myself. Done.
• compare myself with other authors and authors who succeed after two days. Done.
• despair. Done.
Fortunately. We can learn from all our mistakes.
On the other hand. After that,  I’m happy to say that I also did some things right. One of them is sticking your head out into the world of facebook ads.

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Go ahead. I’m still at the beginning of my career as a self-published author. And I’m still at the beginning of my “relationship” with facebook ads. This means that.  After that, For now. My results are very modest and I don’t make a living from it; but. And I say this with absolute sincerity. I see possibilities.
To convince you of this. After that,  I am going to share concrete figures comparing the data of three months during which I was not advertising. With the data of the following three months. During which I was advertising. Later I will also share a tutorial explaining. Step by step. How I prepared the facebook campaign for my novel secrets inconfessables.
The data

• total income: €47.43 (this was going from bad to worse…)
In other words. In those three months I entered €172.02.
December 2019 to february 2020: a running campaign on facebook ads (and a small test on amazon)
In mid-december. suspense book ( unconfessable secrets ) and launched a campaign on facebook. Focused only on spain. For a few days in february. I launched a small test campaign on amazon in parallel. But it did not have a significant influence. Data for those months:
In december 2019:

• total income: €460.42 (I love you. Facebook ads!)
• the income of these last three months totals €1.225.04.
Below you can see a screenshot of my sales history and readings on amazon. And where you can clearly see when I did some kind of promotion:

I published a new romantic

Before calculating the benefits of the last campaign. A reflection: the vast majority of this income corresponds to unconfessable secrets . But the other books that I have published also benefited.
In those three months of campaign. The sales of the other books improved by 60%. And the readings in kindle unlimited improved. Attention. By 160%. Maths are not my thing. But I think I have done the numbers well: between september and november 2019. 30.061 pages of the other books were read; between december and february
The more books you have published. The more you will benefit from the campaign. But I’ll leave it there.
Campaign benefits
Between december 2019 and february 2020. I spent €450.44 on facebook. And I did a first advertising test on amazon that cost €69.61. In total. I invested €520.05 in advertising.


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