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In the first place. Search yahoo Duckduckgo and want. Estonia Phone Number To protect your privacy two search engines claim. To be personal data protectors qwant and Duckduckgo. Qwant defines itself as the search engine .That respects your privacy”. The French search engine has been active. Since 2013 it ensures that users’ personal information .In the first place. Is not stored and used for commercial purposes. And that there are no cookies tracking internet users. The search results are mainly focused. On news and trends with a vertical menu offering web information.In the first place.  News images and videos among others. In the same line as qwant, duckduckgo defines itself as.The search engine that does not spy on you. Created in 2007 the american search.

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Engine ensures that it does not. Estonia Phone Number Track internet users. It also offers image and video searches. It uses hundreds of reference sites. Qwant search engine want duckduckgo search. Engineduckduckgo countries where google does not. Have a monopoly although it may seem unlikely/.There are a few countries where Google’s monopoly. Is not appropriate among internet users. This is the case of the Czech republics. South Korea , Russia and china .Which are united against the. Domination of the American giant. In Russia the yandex engine occupies a greater share .Of the online search market.

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In the first place. With almost 40%. It closely follows google. Estonia Phone Number Which nevertheless remains slightly in the majority with 55%. In china the abide search engine alone accounts for 75% of online searches. Indeed the American giant google has been banned there since 2011. China wants to protect its web players from any interference and ensure political control over the web. Yandex search engine Yandex in Russia abide search enginebaidu in china in the Czech republished seznam.Cz site is trying to find a place in the market. The engine holds between 17.And 20% market share in internet research. In south korea the naver engine owned by naver. Corp is the one that comes to play the. Spoilsports. But google remains in the .

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