Qonto Here Is Another Neo-professional Bank

That appeared only a few years ago, whose sole vocation is to support small businesses and the self-employed. Thanks to attractive bank rates, it has managed to find a place for itself in the French banking landscape. It is the prices that make Qonto ‘s strength and success . They are completely transparent and clear, and the monthly rate for their basic plan, called Solo, is €9! At this price, you are entitled to a professional online bank account, including Pakistan Phone Number List  Maintenance fees, a credit card, and customer support available 7 days a week. Qonto offers two other pro plans, the Standard (€29) and the Premium (€99) which provide additional services, such as a virtual credit card, the possibility of cashing checks and making group transfers, in particular. And for larger companies, a plan called “Corporate” also exists.

In summary, if you are an independent worker, freelancer, autoentrepreneur, the Solo offer is perfect and very attractive, if you do not need overdraft authorization, credit, and a checkbook. In addition, in this offer, the first 20 transfers are free and the following are charged only €0.5. And then Qonto gives you the first 30 days free, as a welcome offer. In addition to its attractive banking rates, what has made Qonto’s success is the practical and intuitive interface of its online services. One can easily perform all the basic banking operations with just a few clicks. However, this bank does not offer financing or the possibility of savings.


Axa Bank Pro Axa Banque Also Offers An Interesting Banking Solution

For autoentrepreneurs and the self-employed, and besides, company statuses such as SAS/SARL/SASU/EURL are not eligible for this account. To open a Pro account with AXA Banque, nothing could be simpler, apart from good status: you must be of legal age and deposit a minimum of €50 when opening the account, and have some supporting documents (identity document, home, income). There is no prior income condition and the procedure to be carried out online is very simple. This pro account will cost you nothing, since it is free if you take a bank card. Without a card, it’s only €4 in fees per quarter. On the menu: possibility of savings, authorized overdraft, checkbook, etc.

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What is also interesting, and distinguishes AXA from neo-banks, is that you can open your pro account in one of the 900 branches in the country. Withdrawals are also free, while the exchange rates charged by AXA are reasonable compared to other banks of the same type. In terms of means of payment, this bank provides a top-of-the-range service, with a Visa Classic or Premier bank card, a checkbook, and the possibility of unlimited SEPA transfers, in particular. Regarding compatibility with payment terminals, note that AXA Banque Pro works perfectly with Yavin, SumUp, or iZettle. On the other hand, it should be noted that although the overdraft is authorized at AXA Banque Pro, the related costs are higher than at Boursorama Pro.


Shine Shine Is A Relatively New Player In The Online Banking Market

Its target is essentially the self-employed. But it has recently extended its offer to accommodate companies with different statuses (SARL, SAS, EURL, SASU, etc.). Initially completely free, the pro accounts offered. By Shine have been paying for three years, and two different plans must be distinguished. The Shine Micro-enterprise account, from €3.90 monthly. Reserved for microenterprises (EIRL) The Shine Enterprise account, for EURL and SASU. From €73.90 monthly. Here is what is included in these pro online bank accounts: account maintenance fees. Movement commissions, and billing tools.

This is Shine’s Standard offer. Because the neo-bank also offers a Premium offer. Launched in 2019. It adds banking services to the standard offer, but also interesting insurance. Such as life insurance, insurance for your mobile and another which provides you with assistance. legal! Additional banking services include a Business World Debit/World Elite Mastercard, reduced banking fees. And the ability to cash checks. Regarding the means of payment, there are hardly any surprises. It is the Mastercard Gold or Platinum that will be use to pay. And there is no possibility of having a checkbook. SEPA transfers are unlimited, but if you want to pay suppliers. For example, via non-SEPA transfers (outside the euro zone), you will need to use an add-on solution like TransferWise.

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