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So, is Instagram Insights enough for an entrepreneur? Instagram Insights is a free analytics app that will suit beginners. However, it can be argue that it lacks indicators and depth. Data older than a week is not available. Nothing prevents you from using other more powerful social media software dedicated to analytics in addition. 8-Quintly Quintly is a data analysis tool capable of covering several social networks. It includes a standard dashboard that can be customize with widgets to suit your needs and track the metrics that matter to you. Quintly may provide Instagram analytics regarding all followers. Not just yours, but your competitors’ too, with exciting detailed stats. You will also be able to analyze your Instagram content, the interactions generated from your photos and videos, and have access to certain details concerning the use of filters.

And YouTube. It is available in a free version for Facebook analytics and a 14-day free trial for Instagram. Monthly paid plans start at €129. 9- Iconosquare Iconosquare offers you a 14-day free trial to test their complete platform. This will allow you to access analytics, as well as other useful and interesting features. With Iconosquare you have access to a wide range of analytics, starting with an overview of activity for the last seven days or last month. A tab for content displays distribution, density, use of tags and filters, and geolocation. The “Engagement” tab displays growth history, source of engagement, and most popular media. The “Optimization” tab details the publication times, the average lifespan of your publications, the impact of tags and filters.



There Is Also A “community” Tab That Displays Details About Your Followers.

Finally, Iconosquare offers a feature that allows you to create a profile cover. From your last 50 photos and a widget to showcase your Instagram photos on your own website. Instagram tools for advertising (Ads) 10-Ads Manager. There is an “in-house” solution for running advertising campaigns on Instagram (and Facebook!), it’s Ads Manager.  This Hungary Phone Number List  tool from Instagram allows advertisers to access Facebook’s targeting feature and run campaigns on both platforms. After launching a campaign, you can make adjustments, respond to feedback, and track performance. You can also see if your ad spend was successful by looking at the “Amount spent” and “Cost per result” sections. Another internal solution offered by Instagram is of course the “Branded Content Ads” which allows brands to sponsor and promote publications of influencers.

Get the most out of your advertising budget. Its customizable dashboard allows you to focus on performance indicators related to your advertising objectives. But what sets AdEspresso apart from many other products of its kind is that it provides actionable advice on how to improve campaigns while they’re running. AdEspresso is really the ideal tool for SMEs who want to have a fairly easy-to-use support allowing them to manage their advertising campaigns, whether on Instagram, Facebook or Google. Apart from its capabilities regarding the management of your Ads, this product includes a set of automatic analysis tools.


Adespresso Here’s Another Tool From Hootsuit That Was Created To Help You

Because as you certainly know, marketing well done requires a large amount of information, so you can continuously optimize your campaigns, backed   by high-quality “ analytics ” support. Hastags Instagram special tools 12- All Hashtags This site was launched in 2015 as a simple hashtag generation tool. It has continuously developed and new features have been added since. It now allows you to generate, create, analyze and search for the best hashtags. All Hashtag currently consists of four different tools dedicated to hashtags: Hashtag Generator: A hashtag generator that generates the best hashtags, random or live, and shows you the best hashtags you need. Hashtag Creator: helps you create your own hashtags Hashtag Analytics: analyzes a given hashtag to obtain analytical information and optimize your marketing strategy. Top Hashtags.

Tells you which hashtags are the best and which hashtags are the most popular In summary. It is really a complete and essential tool to polish your hashtags on Instagram. Ritetag Ritetag is part of a kind of toolkit dedicated to social media called RiteKit. Ideal for people who want to earn a living and perform on social networks. What’s nice, however, is that Ritetag can be used on its own from the rest of Ritekit. Ritetag has the ability to give you instant hashtag suggestions for images and text. Both on desktop and mobile, in real time. You can even install a Chrome extension that lets you right-click on an image. Or select text and then choose the “Get Hashtag Suggestions” feature. Ritetag is a paid tool (about 45 euros/month). But you can always do a free trial to see if it meets your needs.


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