Recruiting And Talent

The two dimensions of work and private life e South Africa Phone Number overlap more and more often – begins.   To working on work-life balance issues.-, so much so that even the legislator has noticed the phenomenon. In fact, linked to the 2016 Stability Law, the Agile Work Bill has also arrived, which intends to regulate the practice of smart working and provides tax incentives for its adoption.. What is legitimate to hypothesize is a de-taxation of the salary of the employee who adopts this practice with tangible tax advantages for the company that supports him “. The company collaborated with 4ward in an experimental initiative conducted starting from March 2015 in the territory of the Municipality of Bergamo.

Recruiting And Talent Management

We are (I include myself in the category) all or almost all smartphone South Africa Phone Number addicted. So why not exploit this addiction to improve the quality of work. More generally, the quality of one’s private life? Allowing employees to be productive  while not physically.  Present in the office is a habit that several multinationals have already experimented with for years. Now, however, even Italian companies are beginning to believe that smart working is truly an intelligent thing. The technology is mature enough to allow you to do this in complete safety, so much so that on the horizon there is also the possibility of extending it to the workers of the Public Administration. So why not bring together consultants, technology companies, HR managers and trade unions to talk about the phenomenon. She thought about it4ward.


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Smart working Agile Work Heres i.e. changing the employer’s perspective South Africa Phone Number to change the way of working. But also intervene by unhinging the employee’s consolidated habits, to improve the quality of his life. That of the territory in which he lives and moves. The boundary between professional life and private life is becoming increasingly blurred. We hear it repeated often and we realize it in our daily lives. Perpetually connected and productive, even when we are sick at home. Thanks to technologies, of course, that allow us to work remotely on office documents in complete safety. Today – underlines Christian Parmigiani. We perform 150 acts every day between surfing websites, chatting, checking emails and posting on social networks.

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