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According to the definition given by the American Marketing Association in 1960. Marketing refers to all business activities that guide the flow of products and services from producers to consumers. As early as 1922, Fred Clark gave a similar definition, marketing refers to the efforts to C Level Executive List promote the transfer of ownership and physical distribution of goods. This is the original definition of marketing. As soon as marketing was born, it originally referred to distribution and circulation. The next step was how to make the product reach consumers. For distribution, the core is efficiency – how to get products from the factory to the shelf. And then to the consumer’s home as quickly as possible.

The Rise of E-commerce C Level Executive List

How to improve the system efficiency from production to consumption, including information transmission efficiency. Transaction efficiency, delivery efficiency, after-sales service efficiency, customer loyalty management efficiency and sales performance efficiency. To reach consumers, there are only a few things that manufacturers can do: open a store to sell to consumers, build a sales force, ask salesmen to come to sell, find channels for distribution… So which should the manufacturer choose? In addition to circulation efficiency, there is another key element to consider: transaction costs .

Through Media and Channel C Level Executive 


The cost of opening a store, building a sales force, advertising and acquiring customers, and finding channels requires sufficient profit for distributors, especially the entry fee, barcode fee, stacking fee, and promotion fee in hypermarkets. , Sales management fee… In the traditional era. Efficiency and cost are a pair of positively correlated variables. The higher the efficiency, the higher the cost. So the question is, how much are you willing to pay for increased efficiency? The world-renowned fast fashion brand ZARA, whose core competitiveness is fast, is still a popular style on the runway of luxury brands, and it is sold in ZARA global stores in a blink of an eye. Each of its styles will only appear on the market for a short period of time (generally no more than 4 weeks),

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