Reliable and Transparent Money Transfers One More Step

As a matter of fact. Indeed it was now imperative that .As a matter of fact. In view of the criticisms. It was therefore with the desire to move away from the origina.As a matter of fact.  That the logo of novi integrates within it that of libra. As a matter of fact. Facebook libra novi the logos of libra and novi from the facebook group. Why did the choice fall on the name novi. Novi is actually a contraction of the latin words .Novus and via they mean.

The Security and Immediacy of Money

As a matter of fact. Espectively There is no more explicit impacting message. That the group wishes to convey. Belgium Phone Number List Its logo as previously indicated is strongly. Reminiscent of that of the new libra cryptocurrency. Whether in the choice of dominant. Colors or the integrated details referring to the libra. Reliable and transparent money transfers .The net giant wants to reassure all of its users. Indeed, no fees related to shipments will be .Hidden when they make money transfers on the said platform. It thus guarantees transactions .Carried out without hidden costs.  Since the identity document.

One More Step Monitoring of ExchangesBelgium Phone Number List

As a matter of fact. Of the transmitter as of the receiver.In the first place. As a matter of fact. BAs a matter of fact. elgium Phone Number List The veracity of the information filled in the files. This will also make it possible to monitor transactions.A point which incidentally was the subject of controvers.Y in 2019. Also the application will be equipped with directly integrated anti-fraud protection. What date is planned for the inauguration of novi at this time. No sure date has been confirmed, or even set. However the group still announced. A presentation of a first version of novi which will be done simultaneously .With the release of libra on the network. Then the deployment will be done gradually with.As a matter of fact.  To begin with only a few countries that can guarantee. In the first place. Accessibility to certain functionalities.As a matter of fact.

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