Requires New Skills

Will the digital revolution supplant the manufacturing industry Chile Phone Number workforce? Yes and no. It will certainly replace, as it is already happening, the more repetitive. Low added value tasks and those that can be replac by remote intelligent systems. At the same time, however, new professional profiles are emerging with Industry 4.0. The most requested will be the data specialists ( industrial data scientists ) who extract, cross and analyze the amount of data available to make predictions and planning on products, production and markets. There will also be a great need for coordinators of the digital systems themselves , including robotic coordinators .

Requires New Skills The 4 Recommendations To Follow

This is what The Boston Consulting Group claims in the Chile Phone Number study. How Will Technology Transform the Industrial Workforce Through 2025?. Which analyzed 23 German manufacturing companies on how work organization is changing with the digitization of production systems. After-sales service and communication what new skills are requir. How technologies, men and machines interact with each other. The scenario that emerges is more of a support, an assistance of technology at the work of man, which is not a dispossession of human capital. Take the example of robotics at the service of the most senior on the production line: relieving their fatigue, according to the experts, will also help their employ ability in the fourth working age, as long as they update their skills.  Chile Phone Number

Therefore, with a 10-year projection, the study presents the Chile Phone Number scenario on what the balance between roles and functions will be in 2025 . For companies adopting Industry 4.0, an additional 1% annual productivity increase and 5% job growth are expect. Compared to the current 7 million workforce in the companies analyzed. Because if it is true that 610 thousand jobs will be lost in assembly and production functions with a greater use of computerization and automation. However there will be 910 thousand more related to IT skills, analytics and research. Development on the one hand (210,000), and on the other in the roles made necessary by the growth of companies.

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