Rich snippet itself is a term used to define

Rich snippet2.1 importance of featured snippets for seo
2.2 how to make a content featured snippet
2.2.1 create a content structure that search engines like
2.2.2 finding good keywords for featured snippets
2.2.3 every page has a title tag

2.2.4 have meta tags
3 cover

difference between rich snippet and featured snippet

what are rich snippets?
Not only about keywords, seo is an effort that is done in various ways. And one of them is to use rich snippets. You will easily find it on google search engine.

Rich snippet itself is a term used to define the presentation of data that is displayed to the user, when entering certain keywords in the google search bar. Reporting from unamo, rich snippets are markup data structures that website owners can add to their existing html code.

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by adding this data structure, search engines can

better understand what information a web page displays. Currently, rich Greece Phone Number snippets are used to present more complete and easier information to users, so they can find what they are looking for in a short time.

When your website appears on search

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results pages, users will not only get a snippet

of information contained in a website’s content. Ahrefs himself considered that rich snippets were more visually appealing.

The importance of rich snippets for seo
just by looking at the rich snippet, users can already know what content is on a website, and whether it matches what they are looking for. In a way, rich snippets are search results that stand out from other types of snippets.

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