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Only english queries were impacted.Lithuania Phone Number  From now on requests for all languages ​​benefit from this update. To conclude 2019 has been a busy year for the seo industry. The highlight will remain. However the deployment of the google .Bert algorithmic update. In addition, the american giant had to make some adjustments in the face of seo. Google announces a new feature on its featured snippets announced among the seo trends for the year 2020, featured snippets. Are currently one of the essential elements for organic seo. The flagship search engine is always looking for ideas.In order to create a good quality. Environment for users but also for seos. And the latest novelty. Concerns a display about rich results.

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Your seo agency brings you the information in detail. What do you think of this innovation. Lithuania Phone Number This is a topic that has been attracting the attention of experts for quite some time. Indeed, the latter did not see the point of seeing. A result in position zero .In the featured snippets keeping its display in the natural results. Most of the time featured snippets take their content from. The first ten organic results, either on the first page, or even in the top 3 of the serp. These rich results are key in an era where the. Zero-click trend accounts for more than 50% of .Searches in the serp. “if an organic result appears as a featured snippet.

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We will no longer display it in the . Lithuania Phone Number First page of the) serp. This declutters the results and allows users to. Find relevant information faster. Featured snippets are counted in .The ten organic results displayed for each page. Danny Sullivan so this new feature was deployed yesterday. Wednesday  January 22 2020. It was Danny Sullivan who confirmed it on his twitter account. This update will see the pages displayed in featured snippets be moved to the second. Page of the serp. At least in the vast majority of cases. Danny sullivan .Nevertheless made a point of specifying that it is not obligatory that the page displayed in featured snippet.Necessarily lands on the second page of the serp. This update from google affects queries in all languages.

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