Shorts You tube’s New Weapon to Compete With Titoki Tube

rts youtube’s new weapon to compete.Afghanistan Phone Number.  With tiktok would the social network adored by .The very young scare the behemoths. Titoki is on the rise, especially during this period of confinement. When the platform is breaking records. We can even say that it is no longer. Just the playground for children and teenagers. Now celebrities occupy the social network. A new category of users then followed suit, adults. In January, the social network already had more than 800 million active users per month. According to the digital 2020 reportfrom. We are social and hootsuite. While in march tiktok recorded 65 million downloads. According to sensortower the billion users should easily be reached.

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Faced with this enthusiasm. Afghanistan Phone Number The giant google decided to retaliate. It is through its youtube video platform t.Hat the revenge is being prepared. Indeed, it is rumored that youtube. Is working on a new feature called shorts. Afghanistan Phone Number. What will she look like. Will it compete with titoki? Your agency, specialist in social networks tells you more. Shorts short format integrated into YouTube it was the online media the information which relayed the information first on april 1st. But obviously it wasn’t a joke. According to their sources, YouTube wants. To launch a competing feature to tiktok by the end of 2020. Although YouTube.

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Spokespersons have not commented on this.It seems to be in line with management’s wishes. In an interview conducted by dylan byers for nbc news, YouTube ceo Susan .Afghanistan Phone Number Wojcik explains that very short, 15-second video formats are under consideration. Introducing storiesin 2018 on the platform was encouraging. Which is pushing managers to again tend towards this type of format. As the name suggests. Shorts would be one of them. According to the information that came out. Shorts would be a feature on youtube, not its own entity.
In the first place. The functionality would therefore be directly integrated into the platform.Thus benefiting from its notoriety and visibility. With more than 2 billion users this is a significant asset.

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