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I’ll show you some examples of Tim’s own photo captions, showing comedy elements such as simplicity, irony, contrast, exaggeration, irony, and three rules.Tip: Don’t overthink the category Photo Editing Services labels for these photos. Tim points out that the elements of comedy are not mutually exclusive. “Comedy is not a clean science.”(Note: All images are from Tim’s slides.) Accept simplicity before Tim gets into the photo example, he points out that to create something humorous, you need to embrace simplicity. “As marketers and professional communicators . Photo Editing Services we tend to be overly complex,” he says. “We are afraid of simple things because we think it looks stupid.”Marketers are afraid of simple things because they think we look stupid, says TimWasher.

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CMWorld Click to tweet This slide shows the useless complexity he’s talking about. (Such a kid, that Tim. No one at Photo Editing Services would pack the slides so full that the audience couldn’t read it.) text-info-heavy-slide-example for simplicity, Tim points out a skit that helped him develop for John Oliver’s news program with Bill Nighy. A four-minute sketch of global warming generated this feedback from Guardian Chris Mooney.Note: Throughout, continue to appreciate Tim’s wording conciseness in the photo captions. Use ironyOne technique applied to build the muscles of laughter is ironic. Here are some examples from Tim’s collection: Home heart jokeNote that the bear Photo Editing Services announces.Note that the bear announces.One technique applied to build comedy muscle is ironic, says Tim Washer. #CMWorld Click to tweet This is a picture from the airport in Amsterdam where Tim came across a “mini-museum”. His caption is pure stupidity.

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As he says, “I think some people think it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t matter. I like it.”Cinnabon jokeTip: To be creative, shut up your inner critics. Silence your innecritics to open yourself up to Photo Editing Services to creativity. CMWorld Click to Tweet When you’re brainstorming about captions, “what does it look like? What do you remember?” Look at things like a kid does.“For me, immaturity is ultimately an asset,” says Tim.

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