Siram, the “Innovation Map” that starts

Gamification, video and training to engage in innovation, create a shared environment, speak the same language, create a team and bring out the untapped potential of employees. How? “By trusting and building a structured process to accompany the growth of our Innovation Changers. Which have emerged among Siram’s 3 thousand employees”. Silvia Biso, Organization & Recruting of Siram Group , comments on the HR strategy that the group has undertaken. Which boasts 90 years of history from heat to integrated energy efficiency systems for the public and private sector. Owned since 2014 from the French group Veolia. Pecialized in the circular economy. Membership exceeded

Internal corporate communication, how to involve employees

The project, called the “Innovation Map”, was divide into two phases. The first saw the launch in November, directly with the USA Phone Number sponsorship of the CEO. Of an engagement campaign for all employees to measure the “temperature” of innovation in the company. Begin to create a common language and identify those who will by catalysts (Innovation Changers) on these issues in the company. The second phase is scheduled for June, with the SiramL @ b incubator , which will train about sixty colleagues on technical and soft skills , working in 12 teams to implement the four strategic projects selected from the proposals that arrived online.

USA Phone Number

But let’s start from the beginning. The campaign started with an envelope. Delivere with the pay slip to the employees of the 6 main offices. Containing stickers to be use on the billboards display in the six company offices. At the same time, a series of activities to be carri out on an online platform. With games and videos. In order to provide everyone with tools to become innovators in a structured way. The last step involved the active participation of employees. Who had the opportunity to propose an idea of ​​improvement to be implement in the company on the online platform. Visible and summarized by all colleagues from a social point of view. «Membership exceeded all our expectations: 917 registered on the platform, 700 viewed the videos and 304 completed the process.

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