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The Media are talking about Smart Working, the Government is working on its regulation under the. Jobs Act to guarantee flexibility, many organizations in the last year.  Have start to take an interest and adopt this approach. There is a real fashion effect taking place. This is the point from which the 2015 analysis of the Smart Working Observatory of the Politico DI Milan starts. Which demonstrates how this approach is spreading in Italy. But the organizations underlines Mariano Coors who is the Scientific Responsible of the. Observatory must avoid the mistake of introducing only a superficial change. Without seizing the opportunity to deeply rethink culture and organizational models to release new energies from people. False starts must be removed .

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In of large Italian companies – the research involv over Guatemala Phone Number has already started organic Smart Working projects , introducing in a structured way new digital tools, organizational policies, managerial behaviors and new physical layouts of spaces, against 8% last year. In the “exploratory” phase it is 14% and another 17% have launched specific flexibility initiatives only for particular profiles, roles or needs of people. Overall, therefore, almost one in two large companies is introducing this new approach to work organization in a structured or informal way.

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On the other hand, diffusion among SMEs is still very Guatemala Phone Number limit only 5% have already started a structur Smart Working project, 9% have informally introduced a logic of flexibility and autonomy, more than one in two does not yet know this approach or does not she declares interested.Really doing Smart Working involves a long and deep path of continuous evolution, which requires maturity and discipline – underlines Corso -. It means sharing the “whys” even before the “how”. It is a real rethinking of the company philosophy “.

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