Smart Working performance

“First of all we dealt with vacation planning. A complex aspect of contracts. Which we did not manage adequately. We therefore re-engineered the process. Introduced specific India Phone Number tools with which we were able to trigger a new attitude. Reshaping holidays more effectively for everyone. Accustoming people to India Phone Number better balance their energies between work times and recovery times. The success of the initiative convinced.

The People Managers of the goodness of increasing flexibility without losing the productivity of resources. We have thus moved on to India Phone Number the theme of the badge. The stamping at the entrance and exit. Which we have overcome by accompanying the change with. A lot of training on rethinking work for objectives. Not on the basis of physical presence. And we arrived at a India Phone Number Smart Working pilot project for 80 people. Ware of having to modulate it according to the different activities.

Smart Working performance How Philips Engage

There is no single model India Phone Number that is the same for everyone. Given the success and the effects on the level of engagement. Included in company policies. In order to better manage the agile way of working A lot has been invested in the timely planning of activities. On the India Phone Number delegation and remote management of groups by the bosses. While on safety issues a lot of training is done on the precautions.  India Phone Number


Which also intervened on the production India Phone Number bonus and on corporate welfare, introducing a flexible benefit platform. Which for a portion employees can choose at will according to their needs. The two most recent implementations in 2016 were recruiting and compensation, now managed through the India Phone Number system.

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