Smart Working The Bill

Nine articles that officially Ghana Phone Number introduce Smart Working . With the Stability Law, in fact, a bill could soon pass concerning those who practice the so-called “ agile work ”. The bill – which follows the provisions of the 2002 European Ghana Phone Number agreement on telework. Which was positively welcom by our country right from the start. Will intervene on rights, privacy accidents and remuneration for those who are employees of a company. Public or private and it constitutes a norm that leaves ample room for collective. Individual bargaining this new piece a void is fill  and the foundations. Are creat for a more modern work organization that offers more freedom in the management of life.

Smart Working The Bill That Governs Work

Article 1 of the bill specifically concerns the type Ghana Phone Number of service, which must be aimed at “increasing productivity and reconciling life and work times”. The basic requirement for talking about Smart Working is that the work activity is carri out outsi. The company walls even for just one day a week. Work from home must be defin by a written agreement. Between the parties establishing the ways in which work from home should be done, specifying which devices can be used and how. It will then be the employer who will have to take care of providing the necessary equipment to carry out the work activity, as “responsible for the supply, installation and maintenance of the tools necessary for regular teleworking, unless the teleworker does use of own tools “.

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The contract must also indicate working Ghana Phone Number hours and break times. The salary must not be lower than that of colleagues who carry out their Ghana Phone Number work in the company. While in terms of safety at work, thanks to an agreement with Inail. Accidents will be cover whether they occur outside work or during journeys, for example to reach a coworking space. Smart Working can be for a fixed or indefinite period of time. Can only be terminat for a just cause and with a notice of not less than 30 days.

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