Smog YouTube Raises Its Voice in the Face of Harassment

Smo: youtube raises its voice in the face. Romania Phone Number Of harassment the mountain view .Company’s video platform has just .Announced that there will be a change in its rules. With more than 16 million comments deleted. Romania Phone Number In the third quarter alone this year, susan wojcicki. Ceo of youtube, believes further steps are needed to move towards .A better platform. Your smo agency reveals the updates made by youtube, and the results that can be expected. Stop bullying… Youtube wants its platform to be a space. For free expression; each user can defend his opinion. And take positions without having to be bothered. The social network is already active in its approach. 9 million videos were deleted in the third quarter, including 8 million .

Sees the Interest Abusive Comments

Automatically in addition, 68% of these did not collect any. Views before their deletion. Romania Phone Number As far as france is concerned. The toll is less alarming than that of the united states. Although the two are demographically very different. France has 28,000 deleted videos in the third quarter. While the americans account for half of all deleted. Content (spam, scams, etc.) with more than 3 million deleted videos. “bullying harms our community: internet users are. Less inclined to share their opinions and interact with each other. » matt halprin, vice president of youtube, on the creators blog. To fight against this cyberbullying youtube teams have .Decided to be much firmer in the face of: concealed or implied threats. Youtube already.

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Removes content with explicit threats. Now, content inciting violence, for example. Romania Phone Number Will be banned from the network. Discriminatory content will also be much more tracked by the system that .Youtube has put in place to combat incitement to hatred. Repeated malicious behavior. Youtube realized that these actions. Were done in a subtle way; the authors are at the limit of breaking the rules on each. Content (in the videos, or in the comments). But they weren’t being reprimanded, as their. Bad behavior spans multiple videos or comment sections. So they will now be suspended, and will no longer be able to raise money using the platform. Youtube even reserves the right to go so far. As to close their channel, if the american company.

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