So Why Ask for Information and Once Has Been Generated

Click the seo rank professional fishkin. Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number Made a very alarming observation last summer. In a study conducted in 2019. On the click-through rate since the insertion of rich snippets.The figures revealed that 49% of internet users did .Not click on the results of a search made . Alongside this, many have also realized that the traffic. To their website is now less and less important. In fact only 1 in 2 internet users extends a search .Beyond the results page generated by google.In the first place.Despite the good positioning of certain sites.In the first place./ The click-through rate tends to decrease considerably.

You Will Be Surprised to See the Difference

Explanation of the phenomenon more and .More internet users are being absorbed by this zero click trend. What is it exactly? If you still have the question, we will answer it very briefly in this article. It is quite simply the fact of doing a search. Either by asking a specific question or by typing keywords into a search engine for example google. Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number This search will generate a series of results. But results that the internet user will not click on.Scroll through without even trying to access the .Explanatory content offered.This is the question that the se.O experts asked themselves when conducting this study. And for once two obvious answers seem to be on the.

In Clicks Between Organic and Paid Results

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Horizon:the first would therefore be. The hypothesis according to which the internet user .Who has obtained full satisfaction. By devoting the fewest possible clicks. Has no interest in continuing to browse on the server. And so, by reading the information, even summarized, which is displayed on the results page. Often through rich snippets, the person is content with it and .Leaves the search engine;another option: the internet user does not click. Precisely because he does not have the.Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  Impression that his request has been correctly entered by the search engine. He will then decide to relaunch his search using new. Much more precise terms and above all. By changing those previously used. If you already found click-through rates to be very low.

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