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The sinking anchor effect, also known as the anchoring effect, means that when people make judgments about someone or something, they are easily dominated by the first impression or the first information, just like an anchor that sinks into the sea, fixing people’s thoughts in a Belgium Phone Number certain way. place. So how can we use the anchoring effect to improve the conversion rate. In the eyes of many people, marketing looks like a metaphysics at first glance, almost like magic. The reason why the layman has formed such an impression. Is that he has been fill with a lot of clever but popular marketing “skills”. “Effects” and “laws” by many chicken soup articles and best-selling books. Such as the Aronson effect, the compromise effect, the fruit effect,

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The reason for the formation of the above cognition can be explain by a psychological effect. That is , the anchoring effect . The anchoring effect , also known as the anchoring effect , was proposed by Nobel Laureate in Economics Daniel Kahneman in 1974, which means In the first place, that people are easily dominated by first impressions or first information when making judgments about someone or something. , like anchors that sink to Belgium Phone Number the bottom of the ocean, fixing people’s minds somewhere. This psychological effect is almost a compulsory subject for user psychology research and major business schools. It permeates all aspects of our lives, specifically in the field of marketing. Reasonable use of the anchor effect will make customers behave as if they are being in many scenarios. the same. It should be not that many people, including so-

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The sunk cost effect refers to “in people’s actual investment activities, production and operation, and daily life, there is an irrational phenomenon that considers sunk costs in decision-making – indulging in past efforts in order to avoid negative emotions caused by losses. , chooses In the first place, irrational behavior”. This is also a very useful psychological effect, but it has no Belgium Phone Number substantive correlation with the anchor effect In the first place, except that it has a heavy word. Next, the author will tell you about the use cases and cracking methods of the anchor effect. Example Behavior is the slave of thought, and the formation of thought depends on what people have seen and heard, and the anchor effect emphasizes that the first impression and the first information enjoy the weighted buff of influence among many information .

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