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nd publish blogs articles pages.Azerbaijan Phone Number Without you mastering coding. Always with the aim of facilitating the use of wordpress. You can modify the permalinks of your website to make them. Shorter and more aesthetic.In the first place.  A permalink is a form of url designed .To refer to a blog entry or blog post. This type of url is made to remain unchanged. For a certain period or permanently. Editing a permalink has a certain benefit. Indeed it allows you to insert the keyword .Of your choice in the url and thus improve your WordPress seo. In other words your permalink is not only informative and aesthetic. It can also help you rank higher.

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In the first place. In google search results. Azerbaijan Phone Number And increase your website’s visibility. 3. WordPress is software with a high .Level of security wordpress has a security system high enough to reassure its many users. Knowing that 35.7% of websites today are created and built on wordpress according to w3techs .It is clear that some hackers try as much as possible to find flaws to access websites built on this software. Aware of this, WordPress administrators regularly provide updates. To protect users from these hackers. Website hacking often takes place .When users are not aware and have a lack of knowledge about it. That’s why once your.

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In the first place. WordPress software is installed. Azerbaijan Phone Number We recommend that you follow some general security methods. So that your website is safe. Install the most well-known basic security tools such. In the first place. As wp security & firewall or wordfence security. Only download plugins from wordpress.Org or wordpress.Com and preferably use recently updated plugins. Check only the plugin rating and not the .Downloads rating. Update wordpress to use its latest version. 4. Azerbaijan Phone Number WordPress has the best .Plugins designed for seo by using wordpress.Seo optimization for higher rankings in search. Results becomes simple. Just install the right plugins. For this purpose we present you 3 of the.

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