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Consulting company describes itself as an “epicurean” agency specializing in lifestyle: wine, gastronomy, catering, tourism, etc. More specifically, Hémisphère Sud offers you editorial content, qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as a wide range of actions in the field of public relations. In terms of digital presence, they will take care of your link with influencers and your communication on social media. 18 – Supersonik Agency The objective of this agency based both in Bordeaux and Paris is to provide a global response to your communication objectives, whether internally (seminars, conventions, etc.) or externally (events, inaugurations, public relations, etc.). Supersonik is at your disposal to develop a relevant communication strategy, following an action plan that aligns with your issues and your budget.

This communication agency offers you a wide range of services: creation of websites (blogs, e-commerce), writing of newsletters and e-mailing campaigns, and of course digital strategy consulting. and in the field of digital communication, in order to optimize the visibility of your website. So ! Communication is an agency located in the town of Blanquefort, which borders the north of the Bordeaux conurbation. Its team of professionals is able to develop your communication campaigns, offline and online, to design the design of your advertising documents, and to create your website. Their objective ? Provide you with a tailor-made service that meets your expectations. Boomers and Generation X are driving the growth of digital commerce Everyone can see this right now: COVID-19 has changed the way we live, shop and communicate, and it’s leading people to rely more and more on technology.

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This is especially true for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, whether it’s mobile usage, e-commerce, or messaging. For example, 72% of Gen X and 50% of baby boomers said they spent more time. On their mobile phone during the COVID-19 crisis. It is also clear that the older generations have started to embrace e-commerce. In a world where Slovenia Phone Number List  the proportion of purchases made online is constantly increasing. And this trend will obviously continue for Christmas. More than 40% of respondents said they would like to shop more online in the future. At the peak of the epidemic. Given that the health situation continues to be worrying. There is no reason for people to return en masse to traditional shopping. Thus, due to the pandemic.

To adapt to new expectations, companies should consider offering a click and collect type service. You order your purchase on the internet, and you pick it up in store. Facebook IQ even considers it a vital measure for businesses this Christmas 2020. The Click and collect system will benefit both buyers and retailers. By extending final purchase times online and facilitating last-minute purchases. Facebook IQ also recommends minimizing friction across digital and physical journeys to purchase. Friction is any grain of sand that can cause buyers to give up during the buying journey. Ensuring your mobile interface is easy to use is key to enabling seamless shopping. As there are many consumer issues related to friction during mobile shopping experiences. (82% of shoppers surveyed have already experienced problems while shopping on mobile support).

Here Are Some Ideas To Emphasize This Notion Of “Affordable Luxury”

Having fun with the end-of-year shopping period can relieve in a difficult context. During difficult times, there are always simple ways to stay positive and have fun. As was the case for example during the recession of 2008. Between 2008 and 2011. A study by Euromonitor found that nail polish sales increased by more than 30% in the United States and 10% in Western Europe. In China, Alibaba announced an increase in eye cosmetics sales. Of 150% month-to-month from mid-February 2020. In France, sales of luxury hand soap increased by 800% during the week of March 16, 2020. And Zalando, Europe’s largest e-commerce marketplace, reported a boom in personal care with sales skin, nail and hair care products up 300% year on year! Whether it’s nail polish or a new tech gadget, what do all these numbers tell us?

That we must bet on “affordable luxury”, which is a very subjective notion, defined by each buyer according to his own means. This offers great prospects for businesses. Instead of focusing on the cheapest products. Think about a finer selling strategy by answering this question: in an economic downturn, what can an average consumer afford to buy for Christmas ? Try to connect with buyers ready to discover original products and try to inspire them with interactive content. Facebook dynamic ads, for example, are designed to connect the right products to the right people, automatically displaying products to shoppers who have shown an interest in your website or app. Simply upload a product catalog and set up your campaign. Product prices and availability will be updated automatically. The disturbances imposed on us sometimes make us more receptive to novelty COVID-19 has disrupted, even turned our lives upside down in different ways.


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