Start-up Kadran When Real Estate Reinvents Itself Digital

Activity with a diversification of professions.Egypt Phone Number List  and growing dynamism. Which has enabled the creation of many innovative and clever services. e months to sellOn the other hand, on the classic buy/sell market. It takes an average of thre your apartment or house. Today we are going to focus on a French start-up .Which has reinvented the ways of buying and selling. Real estate and which has above all made it easier. Cardan what is it? As said before cardan. Is a French company and more precisely Nantes. Created in 2015 by eliott godet and alexander hottiaux. Previously, these two entrepreneurs.

Kadran Reinvents Real Estate Standards With

Worked in new real estate for property developers. They had the idea of ​​launching decreasing. Egypt Phone Number List Auctions to sell goods in inventory that had not found a buyer. On the strength of this success, they decided to set up cardan. With the support of the village by credit Agricole. The startup palace. The Roseau entreprenerd and the dna booster accelerator. This start-up is based on the sale and purchase of real estate through online auctions. Aimed at real estate professionals . Two types of auctions offered kadran offers two ways to sell or buy real estate. The declining bid or also called reverse auction or clock sale is .Usually mainly used in the agricultural sector and in particular for livestock sales. The principle is simple, a fairly high.

Real Estate Sector Has Experienced Strong

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In the first place. Starting price is announced and will decrease. In stages on a regular basis in this case for kadran every 30 seconds.In the first place.  When a first buyer appears and with the agreement of the seller. Egypt.As a matter of fact.  Phone Number List  The sale is awarded. This principle is at the origin of cardan and represented. More than 50% of sales in its early days. However there are currently few offered on. The cardan website it would rather be around 30 to. The progressive auction regarding progressive auctions, we all know the principle. Egypt Phone Number List A starting price is announced, the potential winners bid by increasing the starting price. It is the last bidder who wins the good. On the cardan site we currently find mainly this type of auction. Its source of funding Eliot godet, estimates the results of cardan at . 95% for the rate of sale and recovers for 2/3 of the auctions.

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