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Engines are commonly used by internet users around the world. They are defined as web applications .Egypt Phone Number Allowing resources to be found from a query in the form of words. Said resources can be web pages forum posts .Image videos files among others. Currently, there are tools to inventory their performance. Relative to each other. It is also a market taken by certain sites such as statcounter. Which is the tool whose results are closest to reality even if it is not necessarily unanimous. According to recent statistics in terms. Of search engine market share google has the majority with. Bing has yahoo! Gets away with. Followed by abide which has Yandex uk has and finally.

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Duchduckgo has o see more clearly. Egypt Phone Number We make here a complete inventory of search engines. Focus! Google: the world leader google is the undisputed leader of search engines. And has been for many years. The american firm is indeed the pillar of gafa. An acronym made up of the four big giants of the digital world. Namely google apple facebook, amazon. Google is an empire employing nearly 100.000 people worldwide and whose turnover remains astronomical. As the irish company statcounter pointed out, google holds the majority. Of search engine market share in france and around the world. Google is the monopoly holder with 92% market share . It therefore appears that there is no doubt that.

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Google remains the leader of search engines. Almost everyone uses it and the fact is indisputable. The statistics show it for themselves. Practical, easy, fast, giving relevant answers and .Equipped with a super-intelligent algorithm. Egypt Phone Number Google continues to develop to satisfy its users. Google search engine google the mai..N alternative search engines as the leaded. Of search engines, google has quickly established itself .Egypt Phone Number As the essential search engine . Web users generally use it by default. Thanks in particular to the quality of the results that. The algorithm can offer. As a result the power of American society. As well as its storage of personal data. Can scare many people. Moreover it is not really known who can have ..Access to all this information.

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