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You can set up away messages that will be automatically sent to people who contact you when your Messenger status is set to Away. This is useful to avoid ghosting people if they contact you outside of working hours or when you’re unavailable for any reason. Answers to FAQs In Messenger. you can add specific questions. such as FAQs. and then create standard responses to those questions. These questions could also be added to a menu so users can simply select and send instead of typing from scratch. It helps your business respond faster to common queries and concerns. Plus. with automation taking care of


FAQs. your customer service reps can focus more on complex issues that need more elaborate solutions. Comment to message Facebook Messenger also lets you set up automatic responses to comments on your page that contain specific hashtags. This is especially helpful if you’re running a campaign or competition that involves using hashtags. For example. let’s say you’re a skincare brand running a challenge where users share their stories using the hashtag myskinstory. Every time there’s a comment containing that hashtag. you can send that user a message thanking them for their story.

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Them for permission to repost and leverage user-generated content. 5. Track Messenger analytics To help you better understand customer engagement. Facebook lets you track some insights related to Messenger  Georgia Phone Numbers conversations. These insights mainly include the number of conversations. messaging connections. blocked and reported connections. and your overall block rate during a specific period of time. 4 tips for using Facebook Messenger Knowing why you should use Facebook Messenger for business isn’t enough; you should also maximize its potential using the following tips and best practices. 1. Be responsive Responsiveness could make or break the customer experience on

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Facebook Messenger. According to a 2018 HubSpot study. consumers typically expect businesses to respond on a live chat in 10 minutes or less. This year. support leaders have reported that customer expectations are at an all-time high. So. it’s crucial that you use Messenger for business to provide quick and relevant responses to your customers about sales and support queries. You can also create external chatbots for Facebook Messenger. You can do this using Sprout’s Bot Builder. to respond faster and more efficiently to customers.

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Easy to set up. and helps you visualize the customer journey and provide relevant experiences. interactions with customers using facebook messenger for business Additionally. you can use Sprout’s Smart Inbox to keep track of all your messages across multiple Facebook pages and other social platforms in one place. Easily search and filter messages. view conversation history. respond faster and more. 2. Personalize your messages In addition to faster responses. customers also expect (and value) personalized replies from businesses. Your customers want to feel important.


And no one wants to talk to a robot that doesn’t empathize with their concerns. Here’s an example of a personalized response from Shopify: personalized customer interactions using facebook messenger for business Here’s where the Sprout Smart Inbox feature comes in handy by offering a built-in system for managing customer relationships and your conversation history. This lets you quickly pull up past conversations and notes for a specific customer. enabling you to give relevant responses.

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