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Amazon stores a showcase to promote. Finland Phone Number Your brand and your products in the french. E-commerce landscape amazon is a leader in the sector. According to the latest results of kantar’s e-kommerce panel. Amazon captures 20.3% market share in france. Thus for €5 spent on e-commerce sites, €1 goes to amazon . The “Marketplace” platform has a lot to do with it. According to this same study.49% of purchases on amazon are made on the marketplace. The success is such that it not only wins over consumers. But also professionals who see amazon as a significant .Commercial lever.

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Amazon marketplace thus attracted. 3 million active sellers in 2019 (I.E. Who have at least one product for sale. Including 211000 in france.. Enough to encourage . Finland Phone Number The firm of jeff bezos to develop new. Products to attract professionals. This is how amazon stores was born in 2019. If you are an entrepreneur. A merchant or a service provider and you want. To give more visibility to your brand, know that it is now possible to highlight your company and your products. On a dedicated multi-page store. Thanks to to the amazon stores tool . As a paid seo agency we will explain. To you how to exploit this opportunity in orde.R to offer better visibility to your products. And a constant improvement in your sales.

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A store to promote your brand. And your products amazon stores is above all a free service. Finland Phone Number It provides advertisers with free and professional tools. These tools allow them to be able. Finland Phone Number To exhibit their products online and to advertise. The objective is to improve their conversions (sales. Quote request technical assistance etc.). This platform aims to empower online businesses, allowing them to easily. And professionally manage their brand and their products through a .Showcase or rather a store . However, this new feature is only available to advertisers. Who have officially registered their business I.N the amazon store brand registry. Amazon stores maggi example of an amazon.Store with the maggi brand amazon.

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