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Effective succession management struggles to Estonia Phone Number  take off , in Italy and abroad. Still too often companies find themselves unprepared to manage changes at the top. In an emergency, they resort to the Succession Plans Companies market, wasting internal resources that could avoid leadership gaps. Help the engagement and retention of the best. Of course. Provid that potential successors are identifi in time and accompani. With due preparation for the future position.On the other hand, in companies between 500 and 50,000 employees interview in 54 countries by Korn Ferry.  An executive search and leadership consultancy.Talent management company, only a third of executives can be satisfied with the succession programs adopted internally. While, out of a thousand respondents.

Succession Plans Companies Nprepared For Changes

It is also interesting to note that in most cases the Estonia Phone Number candidate is eventually fish from the market. Even if two thirds from the inside and one third from the outside. Are indicat as the right mix of recruitment. With the exception of special needs, as in the case of start-ups. On the other hand, not even a quarter of the companies in the sample believe. That they have personnel ready to replace the sudden departure of top managers. A deficiency that is not even perceiv as a risk of losing potential successors that are not sufficiently valu.

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Other immediate risks of a bad management of succession Estonia Phone Number plans are not to appoint the right. Person when in an emergency, with additional costs for the company. Not to ensure strategic continuity or the transfer of company know-how by having to resort to ‘external. Unless a strong discontinuity is really desir.

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