Summer Sales, To Prepare For Beach Vacations


What do the French buy for their dad? Clothing and accessories, primarily DIY items and sports and leisure equipment. Watches, technological products (computer, tablet, etc.) and beauty and hygiene products are also very popular. For mums, flowers, beauty products and accessories/jewelry come first, followed by clothing, cultural goods and household appliances. That encompasses an awful lot of product types, after all! The very popular gifts for these two holidays are personalized products: a souvenir photo album, an embroidered bathrobe, or simply a beautiful card, it’s always a pleasure. Make sure you can offer fast delivery systems, because for these two holidays, last-minute buyers are legion. Also be prepared for this rush in your marketing budget. Also take into account that Father’s Day stays with the summer sales, the last opportunity to make sales before the low summer period.


Moreover, the place of the mobile has strongly progressed in this field. And it is obviously an element to take into account for your e-commerce. Bet on a powerful mobile application. More specifically, we see that mobile phones are preferred for orders below 75 euros. While beyond that, consumers prefer their computer to buy online. Despite the COVID-19 crisis. The success of the summer sales continued in 2020. With a marked increase in sales compared to 2019. Driven by e-commerce. And there is no reason for that to change in 2021. Because the French remain faithful to this major commercial event. The star products of the summer. What are the star products of these summer sales. Which will last next year in France over 4 weeks, from June 23 to July 20, 2021?



A Medley Of Products For Sale

In 2020, for example, consumers rushed to garden tables (+70%), certainly frustrated by confinement. But interior furniture also posted good growth compared to 2019 (+55%), and we can cite the example of office chairs, whose sales have boomed, due to the increase in the telework. Beware of regulations Be careful, because e-merchants, like their colleagues who work offline, must respect a certain number of rules. For example, your online sales Kenya Phone Number List  will only have to sell items that have been on sale at least one month before the start of the sales. In addition, your sale items must clearly be distinguishable from others on your online sales platform. It would therefore be preferable for you to create a specific web page dedicated to sales. There are many other legal points that are good to know, so do not hesitate to inquire on the specialized websites on the subject.

Back to school: functional purchases, but not only As soon as summer is over, you will have to look at another essential time of year for e-commerce: back to school! A few key numbers first: It is estimated that the budget per child planned for the start of the school year reaches almost 500 euros, which makes this event a highlight for sales in France (in second position behind the end-of-year celebrations!). 2/3 of purchases are made via a computer, but the proportion of orders made through mobile support is increasing. The average basket is 82 euros for orders via a mobile and 44 euros via a computer A good thing to know: more than 50% of parents admit to making purchases for the start of the school year as soon as the summer holidays begin!



The End Of Year Celebrations And The Magic Of Christmas

So, if you are betting on popular products for the occasion (clothing, school supplies, etc.). Get to work from the start of the summer. And offer attractive product pages with a variety of media (photos, videos ) of excellent quality. As you certainly know, the 2019 Christmas holidays were a great success. For e-merchants, and 2020 should be no exception to the rule. Because with the recent arrival of two American trade institutions. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (end of November). The end-of-year holiday season is getting off to an ever more advanced start. And this is only a bonus for merchants, especially those online. Moreover, because Black Friday and the weekend that follows give Internet users the opportunity. To make fantastic deals on the Internet in particular.

More than 20 billion euros of online purchases Yes, you heard it right. Which extends from the end of November to the end of December! And this only for online sales. So, remember to put all the assets on your side: optimize your sales site. Especially the mobile version, work on your SEO and your keywords. Offer services that make life easier for customers (fast delivery, “guest” order, etc.). And don’t skimp on special offers. The most successful marketing campaigns are often those. That have benefited from preparation time on all the spaces and levers available. By using a calendar to set up strategies. You will apprehend the year to come in a more serene way with the help of your notes. And your actions upstream which will give you the advantage to capture your customers.

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