Tanke Is A Parisian Influence Marketing Agency Full Of Energy

And creativity that will allow your brand or your product to stand out from the crowd. Its team is able to advise you on relevant influencer programs that are likely. To increase your digital visibility and add value to your brand. In addition, Tanke is ready to integrate your influencer campaigns into the heart of your overall digital strategy. 5. Woo Woô proposes to design and implement the best influence strategy for your brand or your product/service. Among its many skills, there are tailor-made solutions to manage your influence campaigns. Work on your brand content, strengthen the engagement rate of your audience. And create events to highlight your brand. Among its most notable clients. The Parisian agency has brands such as Lancôme, Perrier, Lacoste, and even Repetto.  Influencez This influencer agency in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Can become your preferred partner for your marketing project.

You will thus be able to trigger a tenfold commitment from your target audience. And set up successful influence campaigns. That bear fruit on the purchase of your products. Influenzzz is able to use many levers in order to increase your visibility. And your notoriety, and offers to unify your web marketing. And communication teams. Expected results ? A solidified reputation, an increased digital presence. And increased sales.  Jin Jin is a trustworthy communication agency with a European vocation. Specialized in digital influence and public relations. Based in Paris, London, Berlin, Lisbon and New York, Jin bases all of its digital marketing and influence strategies on in-depth research of your brand and its ecosystem, using the latest technological advances. This agency treats all its collaborations in the form of projects, in order to optimize the results and the resources involved, always in the interest of the client.



Magnave Magnave’s Promise Is To Allow Your Brand To Boost

Its communication campaign thanks to the most influential personalities with your target audience. This Parisian influence agency can provide your company with a clearer view of its market and provide you with opinion leader services capable of carrying out campaigns that will sustainably strengthen your brand image. 9.Beastly Beastly markets Austria Phone Numbers List  as a performance-driven influencer agency. Its promising slogan — “Honey for brands” — announces their way of seeing strategic advice and support in influence: ambitious. The Beastly teams listen to you, understand your goals, select influencers who match your values ​​and your image, and above all, focus on your return on investment. 10. Dire Agency Here is an influence agency based in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris that is able to manage many elements of your digital communication: community/community management, web marketing, story telling, content creation, and influence marketing.

Austria Phone Numbers List

Dire Agency counts more than 3000 influencers in its contact database and can quickly identify the profiles that match your brand. 11. Junto.fr Junto is a web marketing agency present throughout France that can help you pass several levels in the competitive e-commerce sector. The main objective of these digital commerce experts is to develop your online business by defining with you the growth levers best suited to your sector of activity and your specificities. To do this, these professionals use a wide range of techniques such as native advertising, marketing automation or inbound marketing. Their team also includes specialists from the most popular social networks, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. So, whether it’s for natural or paid SEO advice, with the most popular advertising platformsyou can take advantage of Junto’s extensive know-how by contacting them on 01 76 42 08 04 or via their website.



“Linkedin Insight Tag”, What Is It?

LinkedIn is a social network focused on professional networking and career development. You can use LinkedIn to post your resume and service records, search for jobs, and build your reputation by posting updates, reviews, and the like, and interacting with other members. It’s a free service, but a version called LinkedIn Premium offers additional features like online courses and seminars, as well as insights into who searches and views your profile. Like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and a dozen others, LinkedIn is a major social network in 2020. And like many other such platforms, it’s owned by a big tech company: Microsoft. LinkedIn is also a platform where 675 million (including more than 210 million Europeans) people connect each month, and where more than 30 million companies are present.

According to LinkedIn, a “  LinkedIn Ads  ” advertisement is likely to reach 12% of the world’s population. Among other interesting statistics, we note that the majority of users are between 25 and 34 years old. This age group still represents 61% of users. Another interesting figure: sponsored emails (called “InMail”) from LinkedIn have an impressive open rate, which exceeds 50%. According to data from MailChimp, the famous online tool for sending bulk emails, this is more than double the average open rate for email campaigns, which is 21.3%! And finally, know that the cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than that of Google AdWords. If you are interested in marketing in the field of e-commerce, all this data should appeal to you. It seems that on LinkedIn, there is an audience ready to be targeted, whatever your sector of activity and the typical profile of your clientele.

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