Te Launch ofh the New Podcasts Manager Tool by Google

Google podcast manager on may 5. India Phone Number John ciancutti, director of engineering at google podcasts. Authored a press release carrying this announcement . Indeed it will now be possible for podcasters to draw u. Step by step, the listening path of their respective users. India Phone Number The podcast: what are we talking about.The podcast is an audio or sometimes even video file that. Is broadcast on the internet. This new trend combines both innovation and a return to the very old technologies of the 90s. Certainly the concept seduces the most nostalgic,.India Phone Number Since it is strongly reminiscent of the walkmans on which you could listen to music at that time. First of all it is this simplification in its principle .Of use that challenges the most.

Indeed the Two Tools Are Used to Scrutinize

Listening to a podcast is easy and. India Phone Number Within everyone’s reach. Then all you need is a device that makes it possible to play the .Audio file and an internet connection. No need for special registration or even to stay .On the podcast display page. Listeners can go about their daily business, lock their phone or. Even manipulate it while listening as they wish. Podcast example google a sample podcast. Display available on google. The introduction of podcasts in the marketing. Strategy of advertisers this possibility is far from obvious. Many brands are still very reluctant today about the idea of ​​distributing advertising content there. Often it is the effectiveness of such a communication. Channel that is called into question. But as always.

Details Specific to Each Connection on a Platform

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Numbers speak louder than words. Podcast audiences are breaking records. It is therefore in the interest of advertisers to use. The beautiful space offered to them by this new showcase. Of course, you still have to learn to communicate .On such networks to reach as many people as possible. Some advertisers have taken .India Phone Number The risky gamble of introducing podcasts into their communications today. We find, for example , the podcast offered by bnp paribas . The banking group shares its market expertise there every week. Google podcasts manager: explanation of the new feature this is a real dashboard like that of google analytics.

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