Temporary Export Manager

His name is Temporary Export Manager.He is a rapidly growing Sweden Phone Number professional figure, tailor-made for SME. Who aim abroad to expand but who do not have the skills – or the resources – to explore the international context. Identify opportunities consistent with your development plan. But how Sweden Phone Number effective is outsourcing. Applied to such small organizations, generally poorly structured in terms of management. On a delicate issue such as exports. This is the opinion of Silesia Cataract. HR Research and Selection Manager of Co. Mark , a company of the Sentimentalization group specialized precisely in providing this kind of consultancy.

Temporary Export Manager A Rising Figure To Guide

Digital4 spoke with Caracuta on the occasion of the Sweden Phone Number launch of the new Co.Mark recruiting campaign, which is looking for 10 new TES (Temporary Export Specialists) by the end of the year to add to the more than 130 consultants already active with the approximately 750 customers of the company. The ideal candidates are young graduates, preferably in Economics or Foreign Trade, with at least two years of professional experience in Sweden Phone Number  similar roles and knowledge of at least two foreign languages. “We also need transversal skills and a multitasking approach to support such a dynamic role , which requires a presence in multiple contexts, sectors and markets, in contact with entrepreneurs who are often looking for immediate results”.

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Mark, generally lasting one year, even if – Cataract explains – when dealing with a healthy. Receptive company, a few months are enough to instill the culture of internationalization. Transform stimulus into action. If at some point it becomes too burdensome to manage it – each consultant follows from five to nine projects, with an average of half a day a week at each client – the new business unit is usually entrusted to the internal resource who has best understood the transmitted know-how. by the specialist.

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