That Combines Standards

Young Entrepreneurs  Alliance The promise of digital entrepreneurs creating 10 million youth jobs in the G20 countrie bas on. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive and which involved over a thousand companies between March and April 2014. The research analyzes the opinions of over a thousand entrepreneur sin. The countries. Highlights the factors limiting the creation of new jobs as well as the economic growth of different nations. 85% believe they have a crucial role in the future of youth employment but are fac with a number of obstacles that slow down their growth. More than three quarters in fact say they struggle to find the right skills  especially of a technical-scientific. Digital nature while place this gap among the top three problems in the recruiting phase

That Combines Standards And Flexibility

Source: Accenture and G20 Young Entrepreneurs Uruguay Phone Number Alliance The promise of digital entrepreneurs creating 10 million youth jobs in the G20 countries’ ‘If these barriers were broken down according to the expectations of entrepreneurs, Accenture estimates that the number of unemployed young people would drop from 41.8 million to 31.3 million, potentially producing over 10 million jobs . In the first place logistic costs in the second the identification of the right partner in the new markets  slow down internationalization. Not just the difficulty in finding adequate professionals on site . In any case if 70% of the companies born in the last. Uruguay Phone Number

From the point of view of the actions taken by their government to support new jobs. Only a quarter of the sample considers the actions relevant and effective. As Bruno Berthon, Accenture Strategy Head of Cross-Industry, comments. ‘While there is no simple solution to the problem of youth unemployment this study provides evidence suggesting that entrepreneurs can play a key role in job creation. Digital technologies are inde enabling and accelerating entrepreneurship but. in many cases the legislative. Regulatory environment is struggling to keep up.

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