That Instagram Can Offer Your Brand Or Your Business

Collaborate with various partners on the platform and mention them regularly, reward your most loyal followers with giveaways, or give them exclusives about your new products, etc. But overall, if you follow the tips in this article, you should be able to create an additional marketing channel that can grow significantly. colossal your visibility, your customer pool and your sales.ideo: the future of e-commerce In 2020, everyone knows how essential video is for content marketing . But excelling in this area has become imperative, as the trends backed by the numbers are indisputable.

Digital marketers have also noted that the video format is playing an increasingly prominent role throughout the customer journey, while each of us has seen how consumption of traditional television content has dropped recently, especially among young people who have set their sights on the mobile medium is social networking applications. Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools Intermediate Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools To download A fundamental trend In the very near future, the majority of e-commerce transactions will take place on mobile devices, through social networking applications that primarily deliver video content. Instagram has already started to go down this path, as have Snapchat or TikTok .


Google, Of Course, Has No Intention Of Being Left Behind

Moreover, the Mountain View giant has just released YouTube Shorts , a video format similar to that of TikTok, as if by chance. Note also that Apple Pay is increasingly adopt by fans of the Apple brand. Video is also starting to be incorporat into Amazon product pages at a rapid pace. And Facebook bought a live-streaming startup called “Packagd” in Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List  2019. In July 2020, Popshop Live, an e-commerce platform. Successfully raised $3 million to allow its partner stores to offer live streaming sessions. All told, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a massive adoption of online transactions. In social video apps happening within a few years. The case of China Let us now look at the case of China.

On “Taobao”, the country’s largest e-commerce platform, 42% of product pages include short videos. And live streaming is growing rapidly. From January to August 2018, this company generated more than $15 billion. In sales through live streaming, which represents a staggering increase of almost 400% compared to the previous year. But that’s not all. amazing examples A young woman named Viya. Live-streamer and online influencer, has become a phenomenon of internet sales in China. She runs a live online shopping empire worth no less than $60 billion! In November 2019, reality TV star Kim Kardashian teamed up with Taobao. To promote her perfume brand “KKW” for a live session broadcast during National Singles’ Day.


As A Result, She Sold 15,000 Bottles In Just A Few Minutes!

In China, still, there’s a surprising new subset of influencers making their mark in video apps: farmers! These people who populate the verdant countryside of China. Broadcast almost daily live streams from their orchards. To show the quality of their fruit and the different varieties available to consumers. By selling directly to consumers rather. Than going through intermediaries. These farmers are able to create a loyal clientele and above all improve their income. It also gives the opportunity to viewers (the people who watch these short videos) to see the face of these small independent producers, and to support this type of direct sale, which allows consumers to receive fresher and tastier products than those available in local markets.

Take for example the case of Ms. Feng, who is a “fruit influencer”. From her farm, located in Sichuan Province, she has the ability to reach over 218,000 subscribers through video support. In its beautiful orchard, viewers can admire pomegranates, sugar cane and a unique variety of heart-shaped apples, not found in ordinary supermarkets. Consider video as a fun and informative tool We will see through other examples how the video format can be used successfully to showcase a product in an original way. Interactive fashion shows It can be considered that in the future, shopping for clothes will be interactive. Instead of scrolling through static images or browsing web pages by category.

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