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Media compensation annoys googled .Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List The showdown between google and the alliance. De la presse information Générale (apig) .Ended after a negotiation that lasted several months. Indeed on Thursday, January 21 2021 they announced that they had .– finally – found a waiting ground. Google now promises to remunerate. The alliance de la presse information générale, which brings together 300 french newspapers. Including general national and regional dailies. As well as 200 regional weekly press titles. What should we remember from this agreement called “neighbouring rights.Here are some answers! An individual remuneration .Agreement for each press organ, google sets a remuneration which will be.

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Calculated individually.  Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List That is to say that the search engine wil.L individually negotiate agreements with the newspapers. Which are members of apig. This license agreement will not only cover. Neighboring rights, but also access for newspapers to a new program recently .Developed by the american company. This is news showcas. Which allows partner publishers to select the articles they. Want to highlight on the platform. A program that provides them with a great. Visibility space where they can choose texts and images. But also insert related articles, for example. As for the articles and formats published they must be innovative in order to .Arouse the interest of the publi. And of google. To return to individual remuneration. Google explained in a press release that. It will be calculated on the basis of several criteria.

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For example, the search engine will evaluate the. Newspaper’s contribution to political and general information’sCayman Islands WhatsApp Number List  The daily volume of publications and the monthly internet audience of the .News organization will also be taken into account. Neighboring rights: a long-term struggle. The disagreement between google and. The french media lasted for many months. It all started when the media demanded tha.T google respect a european directive of april 2019.Which is at the origin of these famous neighboring rights. The latter are similar to copyright and require online platforms, such as google and facebook.To remunerate publishers in return for the use – partial or total. – of their content. In fact, for a long time, google had found. A way around this requirement. But following severa

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