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Buy. Learn More. Sign Up. Reserve. and Download. Prioritize these elements. even if it means writing shorter texts. 7. Ignore advanced reports during and after the campaign Another great advantage of Facebook Ads is the amount of statistics and campaign performance reports. Take advantage of this information because it will help you determine if you are on the right track. if you need to make changes and if it was worth your investment in the end. The problem is that often those who manage campaigns keep the basic data of how many clicks have been earned.

but they do not bother to review and analyze the rest of the information Colombia whatsapp number list because they do not understand it or do not know what it is for them. 8. Not including a pixel to measure conversions Facebook allows you to install a pixel within your website to measure whether your ads are actually converting you . This is a piece of information that is copied into the code of the page where you have your calls to action. This element is used to measure the number of conversions generated by your ads. and thus calculate the return on investment.

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This way you can see how much you’re spending per conversion and can adjust your ads accordingly. A very useful tool to know if your ads are being effective or not. Don’t let her out of your sight. When we think about the most used social networks today. it is difficult to remember how we shared and consumed content online when they did not exist. In a short time we have seen great changes. and although sometimes we feel that these channels have a long history. in reality just 14 years ago this phenomenon that today has taken over the world began to consolidate.

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Of which Colombia has never been relegated. The first social networks on the Internet were intended to expand the network of users’ friends and create a kind of virtual directory. but these websites quickly evolved to become complex platforms for interaction and content publication. These are the latest “blockbuster” articles that may complement your interest in learning more about social networks: What is Snapchat and how can an SME use it? How to promote my business on.

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Facebook 5 things I learned from the social networks of the largest SMEs Brief-history-social-networks.jpg CONCLUSION. This history of social networks shows a rapid and growing evolution. In a few years the phenomenon spread throughout the planet. and now these channels are not only essential in daily life and our social environment. but have also become powerful marketing tools at the service of brands and companies. Without a doubt. there is still much to discover and it seems that social media has a long way to go. Perhaps some of our readers didn’t get to rent movies at Betatonio.

or bought Caribou jeans. or shopped at Febor stores. Well. these are just three of the five companies that I want us to remember today. But that we will never hear about again because they definitely left the national market. Great Colombian businessmen created these companies whose names were present in the lives of. Colombians and managed to mark an era. Why did they cease to exist and what lessons can we learn from these cases? Here I tell them. Aces Airline The company. Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia (Aces) was born in Medellin in 1971 and began operations. The following year with the purchase of its first aircraft from Canada.

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