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There Is a Risk of a Long Road Before Being Able.Argentina Phone Number List  To Compete With the Giants of the Online Sale of Medicines. Such as Newpharma in Belgium. Indeed, for the Moment. Only Medicines Delivered Without a Prescription Are Authorized to Be Sold Online . In Addition, the Surface Area of ​​french Pharmacies Does No. For the Most Part, Allow the Storage of Products in Large Quantities. It Is by the Current Regulations Which Are Imposed on Professionals. In Pharmacies That It Is Difficult to Have a Storage Room Nea.r the Pharmacy Because the Regional Health Agencies Are Unable .to Define the Districts in Which They Are Located.

Another Constraint Is the Fact That the Sale

Of Drugs Online Must Be Based on a Pharmacy With a Storefront in France . Argentina Phone Number List The Manager of the Pharmacy, in Order to Be Able to Create His Sales Website. Must First Request Authorization From the Director of the Regional Health Agency. Finally the Drugs Sold Must Be Offered at a Lower .price Than in the Pharmacy and the Presentation of the Products. On the Website Must Be “Objective, Clear and Not Misleading”. Even if the Progress in the Legislation Which Weighs. On French Pharmacies Is a Big Step for the Trade. The Fact Remains That It Remains at a Disadvantage.

Compared to European Competitors

Argentina Phone Number List

The Road to Reach the Greatness of Other Pharmacies Will Be Long. The Use of Paid Referencing Is Still a First Victory for French Pharmacists. Argentina Phone Number List Because It Is Important for a Website to Be Correctly Referenced in Google. In Order to Attract Customers. of the Exploration of Mum, It Is an Important Step. Towards a Future Where Google Can Understand All the Different. Ways in Which People Communicate and Naturally Interpret Information . We Will Therefore Have to Wait to Be Able to See the Progress Made by. This New Algorithm. Obviously, Mum Is Not Going to Change All the Serps. Composed of Simple Queries , but This Technology Will Allow. To Go Even Further in Terms of Natural Language.

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