The ASP Of Ragusa

The provincial health company of Ragusa includes Belarus Phone Number two operational areas in which over 3,800 employees work. The ASP Of Ragusa One of hospital activity with over 300 beds and one of territorial activity. That offers services to a basin of about 370 thousand inhabitants. A complex and distributed reality, the ASP has six hospitals which, to all intents and purposes. Make the company a real extended campus from a management point of view.Having such a wide range of action. Operators often find themselves having to diversify the methods of intervention according to the point of assistance. To maintain excellent quality standards in the care offered to patients.

The ASP Of Ragusa  Introduces The CDS

Scientific updating – says Mauricio Alaric, General Manager Belarus Phone Number of ASP Asparagus – represents an essential basis for medical practice. I believe that the availability of a rapid and timely updating. Consultation tool for patient care must be an absolute priority. Practices and evidence-based knowledge at the point of care.

Belarus Phone Number

A decisive support in the management of  Belarus Phone Number the most difficult medical situations. The CDS was introduc a year ago. Today is regularly in the company according to the management.

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