The Cloud In Action

Today is the most important event Pakistan Phone Number for us. The Cloud is the most important theme for Oracle Corporation . Fa bio Spoletini was clear in opening the Oracle Cloud Day in Milan.In front of almost 2000 people. Citing data from the Cloud Observatory of the Politico DI Milan. The country manager of Oracle Italia Pakistan Phone Number stressed that the. “ICT as a service” projects have finally taken off also in Italy.

The Cloud In Action Italian Customers Speak

However, a comforting data emerges from Pakistan Phone Number an Oracle survey on a European scale. According to which in Italy 60% of managers are aware that the Cloud is an important lever for change, and 35% plan to make Cloud  Pakistan Phone Number investments in 2017 . «The words that emerged from the interviews with these Italian managers are efficiency, flexibility, speed, digital, opportunity, safety . The latter is a theme that continues to recur in all discussions, even if it is taken for granted that  Pakistan Phone Number

Fabio Spoletini, Country Manager of Pakistan Phone Number Oracle ItalyInvesting in digital technologies is necessary, explained Andrew Sutherland, Senior Vice President, Business Development Systems And Technology Oracle EMEA & APAC , in an economic scenario in which data is the “oil” of the new economy , even if unlike oil. data creates other data, and sees its value increase when combined with other data.The real transformation consists in the passage Pakistan Phone Number from the mere possession.

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