Fleets Stories Revisited by Twitter the Concept of Stories

Created and developed by snapchat .Cyprus Phone Number In 2013 has since been taken up by many .Other social networks. Years after its counterparts instagram facebook messenger whatsapp youtube then recently linkedin.Twitter has decided to add this legendary .Feature to its tools. So beware of the feeling of deja vu! Because indeed even. If the designers have carefully renamed it fleets. The model of the new option is simply modeled on that of the original version of snapchat. It was through an explanatory tweet from kayvon beykpour .Product director of twitter that the announcement fell on wednesday. Fleets why this particular name? The word “Fleets. Is the contraction of two words namely fleeting and tweets .

Complaints Have Been Raised by Tweeters

In other words it would be fleeting tweets . The english adjective fleeting means fleeting. Cyprus Phone Number Referring to the fact that the posts in question will only appear for a day I.E. No more than 24 hours on average. These are therefore, as you will have understood, ephemeral posts. Cyprus Phone Number Unless, of course, tweeters take screenshots to share in the public feed or on other platforms (more on that later). By this name twitter especially wanted to break away from the stories. Cyprus Phone Number Label that its other competitors have kept. How will this work for once there are no real differences. With the stories as we already know them. Even if twitter still strives to highlight the originality of its new feature. Users of other social networks will really have no.

Twitter What Real Use for the Twittersphere Many

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Trouble appropriating it. It remains to be seen whether the concept. Will be as well received on this microblogging .Social network as elsewhere. In all cases the fleets will appear on a .Horizontal banner at the very top of the home page.Cyprus Phone Number  The twittosphere will be able to scroll through the published content from left to right and vice versa. Thus moving from the fleet of one twittos to that of another. Each fleet will be, as on instagram. Represented by a round bubble with a profile photo of the account that publishes. It in the background. To signal that a new fleet has just been posted the bubble. Will be surrounded by a blue circle reminiscent. Of the flagship color of the social network. Fleets stories revisited by twitter fleets stories to structured data .

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