The crossroads of digital retail

Traffic is unsustainable, and digital retail needs to be redefined

When the new way of digital retail development led by traffic acquisition and conversion comes to an end, what we see is that the once-popular digital retail players begin to struggle. This kind of situation seems familiar, because we have seen such a scene when the e-commerce ended. This phenomenon tells us that the development model that only takes traffic as the ultimate pursuit has come to an end. If we want to make digital retail continue to develop and continue to play a role, we need to give digital retail new connotations and meanings.

The author always believes that the development model of digital retail led by traffic is just the beginning. After such a stage of development, digital retail players can accumulate conditions and lay the foundation for the deep empowerment and transformation of the retail industry. In a sense, traffic is not the end of digital retail, but a beginning. Only after such Albania Phone Number a stage of development can digital retail have a new evolution.

Crossroads, new opportunities for digital retail

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If we make a summary and generalization of the current digital retail, it is undoubtedly at a crossroads. Standing at such a brand new crossroads, we see the dawn of a brand new era full of new opportunities. For every player who aims to make. A difference in the new stage of digital retail development. grasping such a brand-new development. Opportunity is the key to realizing the Jedi counterattack.

When new development starts, if players want to achieve new development.They must break the digital silos and digital. Chimneys that have been built across the retail industry. Any player who can find a way and a method to achieve this goal is a leader in such a new stage of development.

How to make good use of these data and numbers, and how to maximize the effectiveness of these data and numbers, is undoubtedly an important topic that every player must think about.

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