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It was based on a multitude of social. Belize Phone Number Networks and detailed how to leverage advertising on. These platforms admittedly the giants google and facebook are still in the lead. But tiktok now joins the market-leading duo. For example between the months of may and november. The application recorded advertising expenditure .No less than 75 times higher than in previous years since its creation. Digital marketers agree that today’s market is trending toward tighter advertising budgets. They must ensure the same level of competition. With more limited budgets. It would therefore not be wise to ignore t.He potential that a social network like tiktok has to offer. The five possible advertising formats on tiktok the.

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Brand take over format these are videos entirely. Designed by the brands themselves. Belize Phone Number Their particularity. They are placed at the opening of the user session when they go to the tiktok application. The “Hashtag challenge” format: this is the most common format on the network. This is about co-creating content. The concept is rather simple, since it boils down to the fact that users carry out challenges launched by the brand . This format is very viral and is, by far, the most effective in terms of advertising for brands. The top view : this is a so-called premium offer. As its name suggests.

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It allows a very high visibility of the content. It will accompany the tiktokeur throughout his user experience. From the opening of the platform until its “For you” feed. I n feed : a little more subtle. This format consists of introducing advertising videos into the mass of suggestions made to each user. Belize Phone Number This format already exists among competitors.But tiktok has been able to adapt it to its users. Sponsored effects here the application revisits the essential snapchat filters.Belize Phone Number  With said format brands have the ability to create bespoke special effects. These can then be used as desired by users. In any case the application still has a very. Bright future ahead of it. It continues to reach an increasingly diverse audience.

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