The E-merchant Takes Care Of Redirecting His Customer To Another Online Store

Which in turn pays him a commission. It is for this reason that we speak of affiliation and Amazon is one of the precursors. Membership e-commerce In this type of e-commerce, the goal is for customers to buy on a recurring basis from its online store. To encourage them to respect this frequency of purchase, it is necessary to offer a subscription for a week, a month or even a year. This way of proceeding has been adopted by many e-commerce professionals for some time thanks in particular to the concept of “surprise boxes”. service sales When we talk about e-commerce, it’s not just products that are sold. Many e-merchants offer their customers services such as advice, training, coaching, etc. The Marketplace The marketplace concept is very trendy and Amazon is one of the best known marketplaces. In a marketplace, there are many e-merchants who offer their products.

In return for using the platform, e-merchants must pay a commission periodically. How to create an e-commerce? Have you decided to get into e-commerce, but you don’t know where to start? The following guide will help you get start. Without further ado, find out all the steps you need to go through. Find the best e-commerce idea If you want to find the best e-commerce idea, do a little market research, identify needs and problems to solve by adopting the ways of an entrepreneur 2.0. For example, observe the physical businesses that are most successful and identify those that could have online versions. To be more relevant, define your goals and identify the needs of the people around you. This will give you an idea of ​​the business activity you want to carry out online.



Keep In Mind That If You Want Your E-commerce

You have to solve people’s problems, not sell simple products or services. Once you have found a good e-commerce idea, refine it and identify its strengths and limitations by writing a brief. Then it remains to find a good positioning and a business model that holds up for your e-commerce adventure to be viable. Setting up a good action plan Now that you have an idea and that you have studied it well, you must draw up your action plan! The next step that Jamaica Phone Number List  to mind is surely to put your e-commerce site online. Before that, think about a number of points starting with the name of your online store. Choose a name that is short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce and still available for registration for your domain name. Take the opportunity to buy a domain related to your field of activity and which will be beneficial from an SEO point of view . Also take a look on social networks to check its availability and originality.

A site dedicated to e-commerce must be hosted by a paying and reliable service like the hosts: 1&1 or The visual identity of your site is another extremely important element so that your visitors recognize at a glance the particularity of your store, hire a graphic designer in order to appear as a professional site of high quality. You can also purchase a premium theme from CMS platforms. Regarding the technical creation of the website, do not hesitate to entrust this task to a specialist if you want to obtain the best result. For the platform, several choices of CMS are available to you, among the most used are Shopify , WordPress and Prestashop . Realize your project Your action plan is ready and you will be able to make your project a reality.


The Hosting Part Is Also To Be Taken Into Account

Just to offer a professional quality design to your site. You must invest a certain amount of money ranging from a few tens to a few hundred euros. A site without webmarketing investment is now doomed to failure, having the best products and no visits. To your site will be the disastrous consequence of a lack of discernment. On this crucial point. In addition to investing money in the design of your online store. You should also invest time in making it as pleasant as possible for your visitors. The user experience plays. A very important role and will have consequences on the conversion rate of Internet users. Achieving your revenue goals requires setting aside time for your project each week. It is also often necessary to wait several months. Before obtaining a satisfactory number of customers or reaching. The break-even point: do you have enough cash to wait?

In addition, you must bring a more professional dimension to your e-commerce site. Because if consumers trust certain e-commerce sites like Amazon. It is because they know full well that they risk nothing by paying with them. their maps on these sites. If you want to gain the trust of consumers. You must take inspiration from the big names in online sales. And add certain elements to your merchant site that most consumers check before making their purchase. Among these elements are the contact page, the means of payment, the contact details of your company, the CGV, the presentation page or even a page that talks about deliveries. Also pay attention to the presentation of your products and do not hesitate to create quality product sheets to better highlight the products you sell.

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