The Essence of Marketing Has

Mr. Ye  regards marketing as a conflict, constantly creating conflicts, repeating conflicts, and constantly making his brand remembered in the market. This is marketing. The word conflict is said very well. I think desire is the conflict with the status quo, that is, the sense of lack, and it can also talk Fax Lists about pain points. In the journey of life, we need to constantly seek physical and psychological balance to obtain stability, peace and happiness. In order to resolve the conflict with the status quo, to achieve this balance, we create desire. First, I divide desires into two categories: the first is explicit desires, and the second is implicit desires. Explicit desires are superficial, consumer desires that everyone can see,

So What Are Hidden Desires? Fax Lists

such as basic social desires such as eating, drinking, and having fun, which marketers know. So what are hidden desires? Implicit desire is to rely on enterprises to stimulate consumers. Nowadays, there are many older single young men in life. They are usually busy with work and have no time to talk Fax Lists to their counterparts. Then their family members urged them and found some excuses to perfunctory. One day after work, there was an advertisement for a dating website on the bus stop. He told you that people much worse than you are marri, with beautiful wives and lovely children, and then told you that your parents are getting old, and you must let your parents enjoy their grandchildren as soon as possible. Happy granddaughter. In such a marketing environment, all kinds of psychology are mobiliz,

Comparison With Others Fax Lists

and you want to talk about friends and get marri, so in order to make up for this kind of “no girlfriend” and “have a girlfriend”, “no wife” + With the status quo conflict of “having a wife”, you might pick up your phone, download the software, and sign up. This is what stimulates the implicit Fax Lists desire of consumers. So what can we tap into those consumer psychology when it comes to inspiring desire? There are some common consumer psychology, such as: face psychology, conformity psychology, respect for authority, take advantage of psychology, fear psychology, show off psychology, compare psychology and so on. Speaking of which, is there a specific way to stimulate user desire? We will elaborate on the combination of desire + Maslow’s demand theory + consumer psychology.

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