The Fine of Billion Euros Given to Alibaba Penalty for

Regaining control over the actions of digital companies.Ivory Coast Phone Number List  The chinese government intends to force the batx to. Serve the interests of the country . Following the alibaba affair. The subsidiary ant group, owner of alipay, had .To restructure its organization into a holding. Company so that the state found itself the majority shareholder. By this ant group will have to follow the rules of traditional chinese banks. Indeed, according to a law professor at the university of hong kong. Ant group enjoys a significant competitive advantage due to the .Quantities of personal data collected through alipay. Consequently this tightening of the screws aims to limit the room for .Maneuver of the subsidiary in sectors where it is present.Such as finance or insurance thus favoring competition in these sectors. Not the first reframing from the.

Serious Consequences on the Current Business Models

Government this is not the first reframing that the. Ivory Coast Phone Number List  Chinese government has carried out. Indeed, the founder of alibaba. Jack ma, billionaire and richest man in china attacked in october 2020. Chinese public services by saying that chinese bankers were. “Pawnbrokers” and calling the chinese regulatory system and the global. Banking rules of “Old people’s club”, in front of xi jinping’s right arm. Following these declarations, jack ma “Disappeared” for almost 88. Days and reappeared during a conference where he was touting the era. Of shared prosperity that is opening, thanks to the regime. Acceptance of penalty despite the considerable sum that .Alibaba must pay to the chinese authorities, the company is making amends. By announcing the implementation of new measures aimed at supporting merchants .

Would Surely Be Forced to Modify Them

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For example alibaba says it has reduced seller. Ivory Coast Phone Number List Burdens and service fees and invested in powerful technology for sellers. However, all these improvements in conditions reduce the. Profitability of the chinese giant. But the general manager.Daniel zhang, considers them necessary for the best functioning of the platform. Too big a punch with increased competition, the digital titan risks losing its place as market leader. Which would distribute the cards differently between .All the other firms operating in the same online sector. Also, the actions put in place by the. Competition regulatory authorities could have.

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