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Similarly. the Lusitanian became the top scorer in his country with 85 goals. Likewise. his celebration that was speculated on social networks shone. he dedicated it again to Messi. Luis Suárez . Uruguayan striker was the author of the goal with which his team defeated Saudi Arabia. with which the South Americans agreed to the next phase of the World Cup; meanwhile. he played his 100th match with the national team. in addition to the fact that his celebration was taken up by the media since in this way he announced the expectation of his third child. In the match between Iran and Spain . which the Iberians won by the minimum. a historic event was recorded since it was the first time that.

Which adds to the recent news of bad behavior by national fans as well as from other parts of the country. especially Colombia. Similarly. it was announced that FIFA fined the Mexican Football Federation 10.000 Swiss francs (more than 200.000 Mexican pesos). Derived from homophobic shouting during the game against Germany. What will there be to look out for tomorrow? The main attraction of the day on. Thursday will be the duel between Argentina and Croatia . Which will take place at one in the afternoon. Once again Messi arrives with the attention of all the fans. derived from the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo. As well as the urgency of winning against a competitive squad such as the Croatian.

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Earlier. Peru plays against France. so multiple brand ambassadors also come into play. such as Paolo Guerrero . on the part of the South Americans; as well as Antoine Griezmann. Kyliyn Mbappé. among others; As in previous days. the Europeans start as favorites but the surprises can continue in the fair. Meanwhile. the day opens with the duel between Denmark and Australia ; Although the game in appearance may be less attractive. the result of it may tighten a group in which from tomorrow they can ensure passes to the next round. Through a series of contents. 31 minutes joined the conversation of the World Cup. resorting to the elements that identify them for which the reception of Internet users is positive Like most of the media around the planet. who due to the high interest that the 2018.


Russia World Cup has aroused. have devoted their efforts to the coverage of the event. Using the characteristics that have identified them over the years. their contents use toys such as foosball figures. dolls. drawings. among other basic objects. Those in charge of driving the capsules are Balón Von Bola. Raúl Guantecillo and Carla Rubio; regular characters from the television series. However. the figures do not take into account. Which in the following cases is not noticeable. In this way this program joins the trend in a humorous way. With information and respecting the type. Of product that is worth the recognition of the viewers.

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In such a way that the fact of joining the trend does not feel forced. Welcomed each of the materials uploaded to their Twitter profile. RUSSIA EGYPT See our exclusive preview of the World. Cup matches in this special 31-minute work from the sports area.  See our exclusive preview of the World Cup matches in this special 31-minute work from the sports area. They also remain in force at a time when most people. Including those not represented at the event. Turn their attention to what is happening on Russian soccer fields.

The Iran vs Spain trend registers 230 million 983 thousand 944 impressions. In 45 million 409 thousand 878 Twitter accounts. according to the specialized site TweetReach. Figures from eMarketer . Projected by Statista forecast that this year 642.86 billion dollars. Media (desktop/laptop. mobile and other devices connected to the Internet). magazines. newspapers. outdoor media. radio and television). Meanwhile. precise numbers from eMarketer project. That the global digital marketing share will grow to 42 percent in 2018. compared to 31.5 percent in 2015.

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