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The danger is that the deal (if approved) could lead to more advertisers sitting on the sidelines, content with satisfying Yahoo inventory from their Bing Ads and AdWords campaigns.

“There was already a degree of uncertainty among advertisers about the value of managing Gemini ads while Yahoo is still running Bing Ads,” says Mark Ballard, senior director of research at Merkle RKG and Search Engine Land columnist. , who wrote about Gemini’s performance in his last column. “If the Yahoo and Google deal is approved, it will only raise more questions about whether Gemini needs to be run separately, particularly if Google’s ads perform well.”

The Google deal “could be confusing,” Hartley acknowledges, adding that it is reminiscent of AOL’s deal with Google, when agencies made deals with AOL because they offered branded offerings that Google didn’t. hadn’t, but relied primarily on Google’s filler.

Low volume challenges and limited functionality

Low volume and limited functionality are, unsurprisingly, Germany Mobile Number  common threads in most Gemini marketers’ comments. A lack of platform inventory and functionality is likely to be a recurring noise on the fledgling platform, just as Bing Ads has known for years.

“It’s not clear that Gemini adopters see much traffic, if any, and there’s a lot of overhead involved in running a new platform,” says Ballard.

He added that many customers felt it was worth adopting Gemini in hopes of gaining additional traffic and conversions, but that the move was also defensive, in case Yahoo made sudden drops in volume served. by Bing Ads. “Nevertheless, we see that Yahoo represents approximately 10%


Dave Ragals, global managing director of search

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at IgnitionOne adds that print volume has become a challenge for search engines. “Search is certainly experiencing inventory constraints as impressions drop for major search engines. Yahoo’s openness therefore has a certain appeal for advertisers maximizing elsewhere. Since the scale of Gemini traffic is still very low, this can put potential marketers away, as the effort to capture this traffic is still high. »

On the positive sideDespite these challenges, marketers also had positive things to say about Gemini. Some have seen good results from the platform, and there is also hope that more competition will bring more innovation and opportunity for brands and marketers.

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