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Howto google tag to improve the search. Costa Rica Phone Number Experience of its users, google has finally decided. To integrate the famous “howto” tags into its structured data testing tool. The announcement fell at the end of last week. It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon when the american giant’s webmasters tweeted the news on thursday. They shared, among other things with their followers. That everyone who was eligible for the google assistant could now us.E the rich results tool to preview the results likely .To be displayed by google home and its equivalents. Structured data: késako. A structured data tag, also called a semantic tag.

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Allows as its name suggests. To structure the content of a page . For example on a recipe page. Costa Rica Phone Number These tags will make it possible to classify. The information and indicate the ingredients.The cooking and preparation times. The cooking temperatures, the difficulty of performing the recipe, etc. By doing so it facilitates the exploration. (ie the crawl) of your page and its analysis by google robots which will understand the content of the page more quickly. So google can rely on. This structured data to display .Information about your page in search results . These are visual elements stars photos review.

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Bullets boxes etc. Costa Rica Phone Number That enrich the classic natural results. This is what earned it the name of rich results. In english rich snippets . Costa Rica Phone Number In this form, these results have the effect of standing .Out from competing pages and encouraging the click. Especially since some rich snippets take. The form of featured snippets, I.E. A snippet of content appearing. In a box in position zero . This format grabs people’s attention. Immediately and provides more information on the page. Than other natural results. What type of structured data is there? Currently, there are several. These may include images in the form of a carouse. Excerpts from reviews, questions/answers. A company’s logo, the google knowledge graph business listing with.

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