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I have taken as a reference the article ” 7 Important Factors for an E-Commerce Website to Succeed ” by Jognesh Gohel. CEO of an international agency. to tell you what are the 7 factors that a true expert considers most important and that play a fundamental role behind the success of any e-commerce site . . Product Pricing always compare the price you offer with that of your competitors. According to a study by ComScore. 70% of Colombian buyers use the Internet as a source of research and 71% feel more confident that they have made the right decision after consulting reviews generated by other users ( See Infographic What do customers do before buy?

That’s why. says Gohel. it’s imperative that you review the prices your competition is offering for various products. After a competitive Dominican republic whatsapp number list price analysis . he decides what price to set so that he can offer the best prices to his clients without incurring losses for his business. “If you own a large catalog or portfolio of products. my biggest recommendation is that you use tools to build the best pricing strategies for your virtual store” . Some tools that the author recommends to extract the price of the websites of your competition: Data Crops DataCrops offers customized solutions for competitive pricing analysis. It has multiple modules such as competitive analysis. product price comparison. information. etc.

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This tool is scalable based on the volume of your product catalog and can provide the best pricing solutions for any e-commerce site. It is one of the most popular FREE information extraction tools. equipped with a built-in program ( crawler ) that can be trained by following a few simple steps. You just need to download the tool and train the program to extract the information from your competitor’s website. After following the steps. the tool automatically pulls the information from your competitor’s website. #two. High quality products Many people have the notion that the products that are sold through the internet are not of good quality.

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Some even think that the products are not original. Make sure that the products you sell on your website meet high quality standards and are exactly the same as those you describe on the website. Customers should not have any complaints about the quality of the products they buy from your site. Security.jpg#3. High Security for Transactions Customers will always review the security of sensitive information. such as credit card data. Therefore. it is important that you ensure that transactions are secure. SSL certification is mandatory for these types of websites. Make sure your website has the appropriate and valid SSL certifications so that customers can carry out secure transactions.

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You can use different SSL certification tools to check the status of your certificate. Research reveals that customers prefer not to shop on websites that are not SSL secured. Transparent Shipping. Promotions and Terms and Conditions Taking into account that online commerce can be done from anywhere in the world. it is important that the goods or products are delivered on time to their respective destinations. Never trick the customer into buying your product and set transparent terms and conditions. If your business charges a delivery charge. please specify it clearly. Along with this. you can also surprise with attractive promotions to draw the attention of more and more customers.

Make sure any promotional offers or codes work well when your customers start the checkout process. According to Gohel they found that many sellers mislead their customers. By offering deep discounts while the actual cost of the product is higher than that of their competitors. “This practice not only ruins your reputation. it will also cause customers to lose confidence in you” #5. Immediate Customer Support It is obvious that customers may have concerns or problems related to products. specifications or shipments. To handle this you need to have a great. Customer support team that knows how to address customer issues in real time. In addition. the service must be available 24 hours a day. since customers can use the website at any time.

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