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23 the proposed amendment to article 4 of law no. 300 better known as the “Workers’ Statute”.For 45 years, the law has governed whether and in what terms employers can use audiovisual systems and other control tools in the workplace, and regulatory intervention is becoming necessary because technological evolution and the instruments that employers today can use have determined a series of doubts regarding the applicability of the provision itself, and in particular of paragraph II which today obliges companies to reach a trade union agreement when they use control systems for production, organizational or safety needs but from which also derives the possibility of indirect control of the working activity.

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The application of the law currently in force design Morocco Phone Number at the time essentially to. Regulate the use of cameras in recent years it has been the subject of some extremely interesting rulings by the Court of Cassation which has also extended its scope to a series of more recent control systems and equipment. Which sanction the applicability in the case in question of the obligation of a trade union agreement to an automatic access control system for a company car parkto sentence no. With which the Court of Cassation sanctioned the applicability of art. 4 paragraph II Statute of Workers to content filtering systems.

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According to the Court of Cassation in fact The computer Morocco Phone Number programs that allow the monitoring of e-mail. Internet access are necessarily control devices when due to their characteristics. They allow the employer to control remotely and in on an ongoing basis during the performance. The work activity and if the same is carried out in terms of diligence and correct.

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