The Ideal Workstation

Flexibility, speed, adaptability, creativity, problem Cameroon Phone Number solving, innovation, productivity. These are the key words today in the rapidly changing world of work. Companies are require to rethink the logic behind the organization. Abandon the old traditional models to response to the dictates of. In this journey, a decisive role is play by technologies. Which enable new ways of communicating, collaborating and working.

The Ideal Workstation For Smart Working Enabling

On the subject of Smart Working, eight managers Cameroon Phone Number from six leading companies of. In collaboration with Citronella Respire, Director of the Smart Working Observatory of the. Milan Polytechnic Respire, Director of the Smart Working Observatory of the Politico DI Milan. Intervened to open the works , tracing the boundaries of the phenomenon. Really doing Smart Working means activating initiatives with particular.

Cameroon Phone Number

We are moving more and more in the direction of a Digital Cameroon Phone Number Workspace. Characterized by flexibility of place and time: the physical office is no longer the only identification of work. The change is enabl by technologies, which allow you to communicate. Share even remotely thanks to social collaboration services. Applications, to work without being seat at a desk.

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